The Captain and Vessel

DSC_0676Captain Jay McGowen has been on the waters of Casco Bay all his life. He grew up in Harpswell in a fishing family and earned extra money in middle school and high school by digging and shucking clams, lobstering, and raking sea moss. A graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, Captain Jay spent more than 30 years as a Chief Engineer for various merchant companies. Once retired, he became a Registered Maine Tidewater Guide and built a successful business as a charter fishing captain based out of Orr’s Island.

Captain Jay holds the following licenses:

Registered Maine Tidewater Fishing Guide

US Coast Guard 50 Ton Captain’s License

Maine Lobster Harvesting Demonstration License

US Coast Guard Unlimited Chief Steam and Motor License


IMG_1666The West Wind is a 30′ ¬†wooden strip-built Hampton Style¬†lobster boat constructed by Lindal Wallace of Great Island in 1965. It is one of the oldest lobster boats still working in Harpswell. The West Wind carries Coast Guard approved safety equipment particular to her role as an education vessel. Please see